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Lay Out Your Code Like You'd Lay Out Your House

Imagine you wake up and get up to brush your teeth. You go to the “brooms and brushes” room to get your toothbrush. Then, you go to the “cleaning products” room to get toothpaste. You continue to the “containers” room to get a cup, and finally, you head into the “inputs and outputs” room, where you have a tap that lets water enter your house, and a sink with a drain through which fluids can leave your house.

Talk About Mental Health

The 10th of October is World Mental Health Day. Mental health is still a huge taboo, even in the programming community, where we believe we’re so open-minded. Let’s change that.

Programming by Wishful Thinking

You’ve probably heard the advice to break your work up into manageable chunks, or to break a complex problem down into simpler parts. This is a handy technique to use while programming as well You write a function to solve a particular problem, and you write it as if any complex functionality you wish for, has already been written. Afterwards,, you go fill in these functions, and apply the same technique.

Why I Chose Hugo as the Generator for My Site

I’m in the process of overhauling my personal website. In the process, I switched static site generators. I moved from Jekyll to Hugo. Here’s why I chose it. I’ve been learning and using Go for the past couple of months. Go is a great language, and Hugo is written in it. One of go’s strengths is cross-platform development. It’s extremely easy to compile binaries for almost any platform out there. What that means, is that there’s nothing to set up when using go programs like Hugo, just download the executable for your platform.

How to Make Your Website Accessible to People Who Use Screen Magnifiers

There’s a lot of content out there on how to make your website accessible. But I haven’t seen much on the subject of accessibility to users of screen magnifiers. I’m one of them, and I frequently run into annoying issues on the web. In this article, I’ll give some tips on how you can make your website more accessible to users of screen magnifying software. Disclaimers: This article is purely based on years of using the web with a screen magnifier.